About Us

Matrix Math is an enrichment programme for children from age 4 to 16 which offers one of the world’s best training for Singapore mathematics. Our math enrichment programme is based on the world renown Singapore’s mathematics curriculum.

Matrix Math teaches math in a revolutionary way to children, enabling them to progressively master concepts and topics at their level and as a result, rousing their interest to learn more knowledge and develop lifelong positive attitudes towards mathematics. Our students graduate from our programme with lifelong problem-solving skills in mathematics.

Matrix Math is the only Math programme that offers an integrated approach in a child’s math learning journey. It is developed with the notion that children are able to learn more efficiently on any subject that they have strong interest in. By teaching mathematics in a refreshing, systematic and visual manner, children will look forward to classes. They subconsciously absorb new concepts through these lessons, and in turn develop a positive attitude towards learning.